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what is hypnotherapy?

journey into hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy describes the altered state of awareness in which we are able to access the unconscious mind for positive results. The conscious mind accounts for only 10% of human brain activity whilst the unconscious mind is responsible for 90%. During therapeutic hypnosis conscious thoughts are suppressed, allowing for solutions and changes in attitude to evolve through suggestion and acceptance

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before, during and after:

The session begins with a discussion with your therapist to determine which hypnotherapy techniques to employ, including visualisation and the use of metaphors. Only when you are happy to proceed will the treatment start, using a comfortable chair or therapy couch for the 40 to 60 minute session. Afterwards you may feel relaxed and have a renewed sense of focus. Because of potential tiredness however it may be appropriate for someone to collect you from the session and it's advised that you don't drive or operate machinery for at least 3-4 hours