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family gathered around a computerWhen somebody is diagnosed with cancer it comes as a devastating blow. Our natural response in facing the uncertainty of life with the disease is to look for support and to seek information


Family and friends will provide support, medical professionals will answer your questions but it is the Internet that has made independent information gathering so easy


The following links will help you explore the many sources of information available and will reassure and explain the everyday challenges of living with cancer


We hope they are of benefit to you

Cancer Research UK
The foremost cancer charity in the UK, it funds doctors and scientists in hospitals, medical schools, universities and research institutes across the country. It's focus is research on all aspects of the disease from it's cause to treatments and prevention
CancerHelp UK
CancerHelp UK is a an associated website of Cancer Research UK and provides comprehensive information about cancer and cancer care. Explore the complementary and alternative therapies pages for details on the differences between Complementary and alternative therapy and why it is important to use trained and experienced therapists
We Are Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected through cancer by providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support. Their huge website gives extensive details of all types of cancer, offers a freephone support line and also features discussion forums where everyday people share their own experience of living with cancer
Marie Curie Cancer Care
Marie Curie promote quality of life for people with advanced cancer and give support to the families of patients completely free. Operating 10 Hospices they are also famous for the Marie Curie Nurses who provide care to terminally ill cancer patients in their own home. Their service is always free of charge
Penny Brohn Cancer Care
Formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre the charity pioneered ‘The Bristol Approach’, a unique combination of complementary therapies and self-help techniques developed by doctors, nurses, therapists and people with cancer. One of the self help methods they advocate is nutritional therapy and the site offers guidelines and fact sheets about the subject
DIPeX - Healthtalkonline.org
DIPEx stands for Database of Individual Patient Experience. It provides patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, or any serious illness, access to the experiences of others who have suffered from the same condition. Expressed through words, audio clips and video clips the personal journey of others will provide insight about facing your own difficulties
Clic Sargent
The UK's leading children's cancer charity, CLIC Sargent offers all round care and support to young people and their families. During treatment they provide specialist nurses, doctors and play specialists whilst afterwards they help those recovered and support those bereaved. Along with detailed information about childhood cancer the site also boasts an online community who share their experiences
An American site that deals with Asbestos related cancers. An up-to-date resource for all mesothelioma issues ranging from mesothelioma statistics to alternative treatment options. The Center has various cancer support information coupled with additional information on the effects of mesothelioma and asbestos issues within the UK.
Why Bother
A website from Macmillan created solely for children. By talking about cancer in simple terms and through accounts of young people who have cancer it seeks to explains what the disease is and it's effects on their own lives and others
CANCERactive is a cancer charity for evidence-based information on holistic cancer therapies. It promotes taking the best from orthodox, alternative and complementary therapies to build a 'tailored' integrated cancer therapy programme for individual needs. The website endorses personal empowerment and offers a different voice about beating the disease
When the outcome of your own battle with cancer is inevitable but you still want to fight the disease you may consider a legacy donation. This website for Cancer Research UK provides information about controlling your affairs and how your gift can help protect others from cancer in the future
Look Good...Feel Better
A charity set up by the cosmetics industry where volunteer beauty therapists provide skin care and make-up workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment. The charity has over 40 workshops in hospitals across the UK with the nearest ones to Northamptonshire being Cambridge and Birmingham. All guests also receive a complementary gift bag of different cosmetics. Their website provides a 12 step programme about make-up tips you can easily adopt
Look Good...Feel Better For Men
Not a direct U.K. counterpart to the ladies site, this is an international website created by the U.S. side of the same charity. It's sections devoted to Hair, Skin, Mind and Body provide practical advice to enhance your appearance during cancer treatments and so boost self confidence

And finally a local cancer charity we would like to tell you about

Crazy Hats Appeal
Crazy Hats is a Wellingborough based charity for breast cancer care in Northamptonshire. Formed in 2002 as a fun activity the charity has raised more than £900,000 in donations for care units at Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals, the Plastic Surgery Department at Leicester Royal Infirmary and also aspects of complementary therapy. Their various fund raising events include an annual fun walk at Wickstead Park, attended by hundreds.
There are many more sites that could have been included here and ones specific to individual cancers. It's likely though you will have already used a search engine to access those relating to your own condition. As a final resource we suggest you look at the Cancer Care Research Centre website. It is a Scottish Charity but we found it's own links section to be extensive and well defined.